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Retirement means different things to different people. We understand retirement is often the end of a long journey of sacrifice and decades of hard work … yet it is also the beginning of something new. In our 25 years’ experience, Freedom of Choice is the common theme throughout everyone’s dream retirement.  And, just as no one’s dream is the same, there’s no one strategy that works for all our clients.


At Outlook Wealth Advisors, our team of CPAs and Certified Financial PlannersTM (CFP®) apply a holistic, fiduciary process to help pre-retirees and retirees create customized financial blueprints and implement comprehensive strategies so they can build a retirement income plan that will last as long as they do! We have dedicated our professional lives to building lifelong relationships with our clients and are committed to earning your trust.


Our team of wealth management professionals is prepared to help your retirement dreams become reality!
Mistake Free Book Cover

Mistake Free Retirement

Allen Neuenschwander CPA & CFP®
Michael Neuenschwander CPA & CFP®

Are you anxious about losses in your portfolio in the next market downturn? Do you secretly fear outliving your retirement assets? Are you concerned that one day you may be a burden on your family?

In this book, filled with relevant examples and strategies from real-life scenarios, Allen & Michael Neuenschwander (both CPA’s & CFP’s) reveal 3 essential keys to a secure retirement without sacrificing your lifestyle.

You will discover:

  • The one thing you MUST DO to gain confidence that your money will last through retirement.

  • The formula to PROTECT YOUR PORTFOLIO without sacrificing reasonable growth.

  • One of the BIGGEST THREATS to your retirement and how it can be reduced or eliminated.


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