Living Independently…When Your Spouse Needs Care

Lew knew he and his wife would be living independently when they moved to a retirement community.

Their move, unfortunately, was made out of necessity as his wife dealt with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. After a year in the retirement community they moved to, she passed away. Lew, a retired P&G manager, said his children immediately were ready to help him move out and find a condominium outside the retirement community. “I said, ‘No way. They spoil me here. Why would I want to move?’ ”

For years now, Lew has lived in a patio home where staff take care of the maintenance, cooking, cleaning, and more. He doesn’t need to mow the lawn. Instead, he spends his days doing exactly what he wants to do.

Couples Moving Together into Senior Housing

Making the move to a senior living community is always a major life change. But when a couple can make that move together, the decision becomes a little easier.

Like Lew and his wife, it’s not uncommon for older adults to need different levels of care or assistance. The ideal situation is to find a senior living community that allows the couple to remain together while both gaining what they need to live a fulfilled life.

Many senior living communities offers several levels of housing and assistance.  Often called Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) they offer independent living homes, assisted living apartments, rehabilitation services, and skilled nursing care. As a member of the CCRC, you gain the continuum of care and are guaranteed an independent home or apartment. As well as the services and amenities of the community if you or your spouse would ever need it.

Why Couples Choose a CCRC?

A main benefit of moving into a CCRC as a couple is you and your spouse can remain independent and active while knowing care and support is there, on-site, when either one of you need it.

The services and amenities of CCRCs vary from community to community. So it’s important to find a community that matches you and your spouse’s interests and lifestyle. At Twin Towers, the services and amenities:

  • Fitness and aquatic center
  • Performing arts center
  • Art gallery
  • Chapel
  • Daily activities
  • Several dining options
  • Transportation and more.

How is a CCRC Different From Independent Living?

An independent living community likely will involve just your current housing needs. While a CCRC provides housing and care now and into the future. Many also see a CCRC as an attractive investment into their future.

For Lew and his wife, living independently in a senior living community provided peace of mind, assurance, comfort, fun and community.

“The people here, both residents and staff, are just great,” Lew says. “They’ll do anything for you. The community watches out for one another, whether it’s sharing a meal together or watering your neighbor’s plants.”

Adapted from the Twin Towers blog.  Twin Towers is a continuing care retirement community in Cincinnati, OH.