Involuntary Philanthropy

In 2014, approximately 62.8 million Americans spent 7.9 billion hours volunteering. The value of those efforts comes to a whopping $184 billion dollars, not counting the change, comfort, or compassion volunteers bring to our communities and beyond.

Volunteers change the lives of those around them. Being a volunteer is definitely something everyone should consider.  The experience is life-changing.  However, it should be voluntary.

Webster’s says that a philanthropist is a benevolent supporter of human beings and human welfare. When you hear the word philanthropy, you may think of names like Carnegie, Kennedy, Rockefeller, and contemporary mega-wealthy people like Bill Gates.  Such people are voluntary philanthropists.

What do you call someone who surrenders a portion of their capital gains unnecessarily?

How about someone who unnecessarily surrenders a huge portion of their retirement monies to support the general welfare of our country?

An uninformed taxpayer!  We also call them an involuntary philanthropist.

Are you aware that you have a choice?  We’re happy to show you how to opt out of Uncle Sam’s Involuntary Philanthropy Plan.